A revolution in V-Mount battery technology

Anton/Bauer’s Digital Battery Series redefines the power standard for a new generation of cameras and auxiliary equipment.
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It’s technologically superior

These innovations make our batteries safer, cooler, longer-lasting and cheaper to run:

Superior V-Mount

Significant improvements made to the traditional V-Mount design set a new standard for the industry. Secure-fit eliminates power delivery loss to camera and the high quality 5-pin connectors won’t burn out.

Fuse Link technology

If a single cell is affected for any reason by severe impact, puncture or thermal runaway, this technology isolates the cell from the rest of the pack, prohibiting damage to adjoining cells.

Air gaps for cooling and damage prevention

The cells are individually contained in an impact-resistant and flame-retardant plastic honeycomb. There’s a 2mm air gap between them, meaning the cells don’t touch and air can circulate to keep the pack cool.

Build quality that goes the extra mile

It’s made from a high strength ABS/PC blend – the same material used in motorcycle helmets. Rubber over mould helps grip and cushion shock, while high quality welds ensure the most reliable and electrically superior connections.


Includes a PowerTap® - ideal for powering camera accessories such as monitors, lights, wireless receivers or any other 14V accessory.

Thermal sensors

The sensors continually monitor for rises in temperature. When detected, a switch opens to prevent further charge or discharge. At the same time, if any increase in current is detected, the battery switches off – an important safety feature to protect your high-end equipment.

It’s truly digital

We’ve improved the electrical design of the battery to eliminate the effect of digital ringing.

Ringing causes spikes of current, which waste energy and cause extra heating of components.

The more spikes of current a battery experiences, the less efficient it becomes in the long-run.

It doesn’t matter how many spikes our batteries experience – you get the same great performance for the whole of its lifespan.

The highly accurate LCD

The LCD screen shows you how much run-time you’ve got left when attached to a camera. When attached to another piece of equipment it displays the battery capacity as a percentage of full. It constantly calibrates to show you a truly accurate power status.

All you need is a quick glance to know exactly when to change your battery.

It has the lowest total cost of ownership


Based on what it would cost to get 1,000 battery cycles, you would need two competitor batteries to get the same results as an Anton/Bauer battery.

Long life

High quality cells give you the renowned Anton/Bauer long life performance – in both lifespan and time per charge.


You get a 2-year or 1,000-cycles warranty, which is significantly more than the competition. As part of the warranty you’ll even get a one-for-one exchange.

Multiple models available

Three capacities to choose from



  • Watt hour rating: 93 WH
  • Voltage: 14.4 volts
  • Weight 1.1 kg
  • Size: 6.86 x 16.51 x 11.18 cm
  • PowerTap®
  • MAXX II - Two year conditional warranty



  • Watt hour rating: 150 WH
  • Voltage: 14.4 volts
  • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Size: 8.38 x 16.51 x 11.18 cm
  • PowerTap®
  • MAXX II - Two year conditional warranty



  • Watt hour rating: 190 WH
  • Voltage: 14.4 volts
  • Weight 1.6 kg
  • Size: 8.38 x 16.51 x 11.18 cm
  • PowerTap®
  • MAXX II - Two year conditional warranty

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